Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snow globes and coffee cups

A little girl showed me her "soul" a while back...and her soul is full of snow globes. Her favorite is the one given to her by her grandmother (shortly before the grandmother's death). It is Shamu---in a snow globe---from Sea World! (Irony, anyone?)

This sweet, childish absurdity made me look at my own life, filled with paint colors and flowers and coffee and Sudoku. These are all good things. They bring me so much true pleasure. But my "soul," at the snow globe level, is my coffee cup collection.

My mugs and cups are a visual journal of my life journey, and those who have seen my "soul" either get it or they don't. Some of those who get it, have even added to it.

Just a sampling:

~a calligraphy K, black on white, given by my niece Shayna
~a Harvard mug from Zack and Autumn's first trip to Boston
~a rooster mug I bought after my Emmaus Walk
~a Thurber, TX miner mug from my friend Sarah Claunch
~Disney mugs, added to by my husband and kids through the years
~Tombstone, AZ collection gathered from every trip to Benson
~Sports mugs from every university in every town where Jon speaks
~a Starbucks Christmas mug from my b-i-l Bruce
~a Dallas mug given to me by Hayley, after helping with a video game launch
~a Wedgwood china cup from my sister Jane

But my favorites are the ones in the picture for my blog, the stack from around the world, which have been given to me by my kids. They represent a world vision and a life of curiosity. That is my legacy to the most important people in my life. A legacy couched in whimsey....

What does your "soul" look like?

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