Thursday, April 18, 2013

Do you have any Chloe's Doggie Biscottis?

Ok, everyone, in the midst of a week that made me reconsider the Mayan prophesies, The Lord has given me a blonde-haired portrait of His desire for His people to persevere. Her name is Chloe. She is 9 years old and lives around the corner from me. And she wants a sewing machine.

In that way, she reminds me so much of Hayley. Hayley would design entire outfits, including jewelry and shoes, that were actually adorable. Too bad I didn't know how to only real attempt ended in the ER, having the sewing machine needle removed from my finger! True story!

Back to Chloe. She wants a specific machine that does embroidery as well as sewing, and a pile of concept drawings are begging her to sew them. She has a 12 year old sister and a 7 month old sister, so funds for this particular machine would be under the category of luxury. But her smart, sweet mother was determined not to discourage her daughter's desire. Instead, she put the onus on Chloe to EARN the money. After thinking hard about the resources that she had to work with, Chloe decided to go door-to-door, offering to scoop poop for $6 per house ($5 for the sewing machine and $1 for tithe). Her family had gotten an A #1 pooper scoop for Christmas, but she obviously needed supervision and protection in her endeavor. That required that her mother get someone to keep the baby, while she devoted individual time to help Chloe ultimately succeed. So, last Saturday, Chloe scooped away, and did a very good job!

Today, (Thursday) Chloe was back. She was carrying a pink plastic basket filled with the absolute cutest homemade doggie biscuits, two per plastic bag and tied with adorable doggie paw print ribbon! She said, "I went to the library and got a cookbook for doggie treats. I used chicken broth and healthy herbs and seasonings, and I made them all myself! There are 2 treats in each bag, and each bag costs $1." With that smile of hers, I would have bought some, even if I didn't have a dog!!! So I bought 4!!!

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  1. That is fantastic! So many wonderful things are going on here that it is hard to name them all!