Friday, January 11, 2013

I'll take mine black, no fussy stuff

I happen to possess one of the most fascinating things on the planet...a set of stairs! When we first moved to Frisco, our home had TWO sets of stairs. That excitement (and waste of space) was just too much to handles! But five years ago, we moved into a house with a single set of wide, sturdy stairs, with a wooden handrail attached to wrought-iron spindles. I had no idea what a treacherous temptation it would provide. I viewed it only as a utilitarian means to an go from floor A to floor B.

How very limited was my viewpoint! The span between floor A and floor B holds a world of possibilities and dangers for kids of all ages! Older folks see only their escalating chances for broken hips, legs, and dignity. Is the second story actually worth that risk? Usually not. Nothing up there could possibly be worth months to years of hobbling and tortuous pain, much less untold agony. (My homeowners' does not cover untold agony.)

But for those under the age of 5, such an expanse produces a magnetic attraction similar to the pull of gravity in our earth's atmosphere! Very little can turn back that magnetism, short of removal from the possibility. Their eyes want to look away, but can't somehow. They try to distract themselves, but to no avail. There they are, the stairs, the lure to be taller, be bigger, know new and unusual things that require the risk of the climb. What could be up the top of the stairs? Who could be lurking...around the corner from the top of the stairs? What waits to be discovered.....waits in equal be discovered?

And what can the stairs themselves become? Playground? Table? Slinky roadway? The "getting there" will be as big an adventure as the view from the top. Crawling on hands and feet seems the safest way to get there. Adults, however, never crawl up. They have the ability to ascend, but don't seem to care that much to go, especially if their hands are full. Their abilities are wasted on them! So sad, they take for granted their easy chance at joy!

A petite blonde girl sits in the world's safest car, in the world's most sought-after car safety seat, securely fastened and being driven under the speed limit. She sits content for the remaining miles. But behind her eyes, one can see a twinkle. Upon closer examination, it appears to be resolve. The "risk" is waiting, and she intends to take it. The gauntlet beckons, and she will run it. She will not crawl. Although not yet 3, she will not crawl. She will play nearby, as though she could not possibly care less; but, she
will take her shot. Be assured. Be vigilant. But don't be fooled.

The kid has spunk!

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