Thursday, January 31, 2013

Did Someone Make Coffee?

I made a statement in our Sunday School class last week that I was the best and worst Christian during the years when my kids were little. I actually stole that from a missionary friend, Robin Tinley, who also said that after you give birth to your third child, no one will ever invite you over with your kids again! Brutal truth was a quality of hers!

The reason I was the worst Christian then was because I never had time to read my Bible with any truly deep study. I never had time to go into my prayer closet for intense intercession. Good grief, it wasn't even safe at my house to close my eyes when I prayed! And if I ever made it to church on time, it was only because I had decided we would forgo: a) breakfast, b) shoes, or c) both!

I was my closest to The Lord because I was desperate for His constant companionship! I read my Verse of the Day Calendar at least 10 times a day, just to keep my mind above the fray. I prayed sentence prayers constantly, all day long, all night long, without ceasing. "Lord, don't let Sam step on a spider. You know how he has a reaction, but we live by an open field." "Father, Zack has another ear infection. Give him comfort from the pain." "Jesus, my Hayley girl is 3 going on 30. Please give me wisdom."

I was so tempted to "hang out" somewhere when I was late again to SS. But I knew I needed the fellowship and nourishment from the Scripture. So I suffered the jokes and gentle ribbing of the preacher's wife being late again, knowing my husband had been at the church since 6:30am preparing for a long day, and I got my family ready, in the car, and into the nursery/classroom by myself.

But, as I look back on it, I see a very strange miracle was taking place: my Verse of the Day, my sentence prayers, and my distracted worship were my 5 loaves and 2 fish. God took my "whatever I time I have" and blessed it and broke it and multiplied it. He met my needs, answered my prayers, gave me hope, and implanted wisdom. He wasn't mad at me; He was proud of me.

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  1. Been there many times. Not due to kids, but my cantankerous body. I live the pray without ceasing verse, especially since I live alone. He IS the One I talk to all through the day.

    And you know, during that time, you were probably closer to the Lord than some who had the time to study. Sometimes that can become a ritual or a "rite of passage". I had my devotions so now I'm ready to start the day. Maybe you couldn't have that "start" for your day, but the verse of the day and your sentence prayers kept you in communion with Him, making Him your companion throughout the day.

    Thanks for the reminder. :-)