Saturday, November 17, 2012

Do they have fried coffee at the fair?

I love to hear my little LouLou count! At age 2 1/2, when she counts, there are some numbers that she likes and some that she doesn't. She isn't too keen on 4. And 7 is far from receiving "favored" status.  But she absolutely hates 10!
Instead, she just chooses to re-count, using the numbers that she DOES like.
She likes 5 a lot, and puts a distinctive Texas twang into it when she says it. "F-eye-veh. F-eye-veh." Who cares about 4 when you can have 5, a couple of times! She is also fond of 8 (aaaate), 9 (nah-eye-nah), and 12 (teh-vel-vah). All too soon she will give each of them their due; but for now, I can enjoy her particular pattern of counting.

I do understand how she feels. There are tasks that I just don't happen to like. Like, dusting. Or, laundry. Don't get me wrong, I also give them their required respect; but I don't enjoy myself. I would rather vacuum twice. Or, perhaps, empty the dishwasher twice... unfortunately, once a dishwasher is empty, it doesn't make much sense to put clean dishes back in, just so I can skip the dusting.

Life....being a mature grownup.... requires doing many things that you don't really like. Marriage requires that you be around someone who may be dislikeable on occasion. Too bad! Life just isn't fair! As my sweet b-i-l Bruce Moran says, "The only fair in life is the place you take your pig to win a blue ribbon." Boy, is he right!
You muddle through. You keep on going. You love the unlikable until you can like them again too. It takes courage and determination to stay positive these days. Do it because it is right. "Whatever is good, whatever is right....think on THESE things." It will get you through. I promise.

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