Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If it's Tuesday, it must be medium blend...

Completion is a strange acquaintance. On the one hand, to complete something that has been hanging over your head is to get rid of it and the sense of failure it has caused by hanging there.
But sometimes, completion means saying goodbye. When you finish a great book with strong characters, you know the last page will be your last meeting with them. When the cold weather comes, those blooming plants which have been so generous to share their splendor, will close up shop for winter, short circuiting our glimpse of their glory and instantly banishing the flying wonders from their supply of nectar.
That's why I love Thanksgiving! We can be grateful for all that has come before, while we get caught up in the anticipation of the holiday season! The party starts in November and doesn't end until January!

Year-long house repairs are ending for us today. Our lives can find an order that has been absent longer than that. This has been a big deal for us. It has tied me to the house, and it has stolen my joy in being creative. BUT IT'S TIME TO BE THANKFUL THAT "BROKEN" IS ALMOST OVER!

Break out the Christmas stuff.....I am moving on!!!

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