Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pumpkin Spice Latte

"Gratefulness is what takes the sting out of adversity."

This statement, not mine but instead from a devotional book, sums up my life journey at this moment. When I am not grateful, I always feel the sting, like a splinter in my finger that I forget about until the next time I pick something up...then, it stings again! 

At our family Thanksgiving this year, several, as I looked around the room, have been or are in serious adversity. They have every reason to be overcome by their adversity, if they so choose. But, in this season of thankfulness, their expressions softened. In laughter, their body language relaxed. In our corporate gratefulness, the sting of any and every situation was diluted because it was shared. The cloud of sadness was banished by laughter.  The gnawing realities from our current struggles were swept aside by the sight of children playing football in the front yard, the snores of grown men sleeping in front of football on TV, and the joyful chatter of familiar voices all around. 

Perhaps, the statement should read,
                 "Pumpkin pie takes the sting out of adversity."

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