Thursday, November 15, 2012

I need an extra shot of espresso over this one!

I just saw the strangest story on our local news. A young couple watched as a deserted house, in a nearby neighborhood, continued over a few months to have no active inhabitants. A car parked in front of the house was tagged by police as an abandoned vehicle. Now, the couple had all the evidence necessary to move on in, thanks to a little-known Texas squatting law from the 1800's! Initially, this law was enacted to allow those who came to Texas in its early days the ability to take over an abandoned piece of property, when the original owners found life in this unsettled frontier too much to handle. So, based on this law, the couple felt confident in moving into the $400,000 house as Squatters!!! Soon after, the real owners came home to find this couple living there. Citing the Texas Squatters Law, the couple REFUSED to leave, saying the house was now theirs, according to Texas law! And they were allowed to stay!!!
Eventually, justice did prevail, and the young husband is on his way to jail for this little scheme. His young wife, on the other hand, went on the record as saying, "God 'gave' us this house....He's going to straighten all this out and get my husband out of jail, I just know it."

Oh, and by the way, where were the home's actual owners for those months, you ask? Houston.... at MD Anderson.... where the wife was aggressively fighting cancer........

I am just not smart enough to think that wickedly! Or am I just not wicked enough to be that "smart?"

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