Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Room for Cream? Yes, please.

Today, it is cold enough to lay a fire in the fireplace. There is nothing as wonderful as drinking a fresh cup of coffee, sitting in front of the fire!

Well, actually, there are plenty of things as wonderful, even more wonderful, the way I see it:

*singing to my grandchildren, LouLou and Jack
*hearing my daughter Hayley laughing
*sitting on the back porch with my husband, Jon, while
*working the Sudoku to a successful conclusion
*soft soil under my fingernails from planting anything
*paint under my fingernails from painting anything
*sand between my toes, from any beach, anywhere
*playing cards with my mother and sisters
*playing dominoes with my teenage next-door-neighbors
*tromping around graveyards with my husband
*hearing my husband preach
*hearing my son, Zack, preach
*seeing my daughter-in-law, Aut, in prayer and praise
*going for a movie with my cool son-in-law, Chance

And last, but not least, having coffee with those I love, with those I am going to love, and with those who are hurting and need love.


  1. I will be praying for you as you start this journey. I have always taken great comfort in your words of Godly wisdom and look forward to reading this blog as often as you post.

    Brenda aka Mimi

  2. Thank you Kelly for the wonderful reminders of God's most wonderful blessings. Love ya girl. Nancy Stewart

  3. i am loving this! i enjoy our conversations and look forward to what you have to share with the blog. also, know that i'll have my cup of coffee as i read this :)
    love you,